Led by the author of Grading for Equity, Joe Feldman, and the Crescendo Education Group team, including Senior Associate Dr. Shantha Smith, the Grading for Equity Virtual Institute (designed primarily for middle school and high school teachers as well as school and district administrators) will synthesize education research and practical classroom-based experiences to address:

  • Why is improving grading so critical to ensuring both academic excellence and equity in classrooms?
  • What is the genesis of our current grading practices, and what were ideas and beliefs on which they were based? 
  • How do current grading practices thwart effective teaching and learning, convey misleading and inaccurate motivation, demotivate students, amplify stress and undermine our equity work, perpetuating the very disparities we seek to interrupt? 
  • What grading practices are more accurate, bias-resistant, and build students’ intrinsic motivation to learn? 
  • What are common challenges and effective approaches to successfully integrate these practices into our classrooms, schools, and districts? 
Crescendo Education Group
Crescendo Education Group