As San Diego County experiences what is considered a “triple threat” of respiratory illnesses with flu, RSV and COVID, we will strive to make the 2022 Live Well Advance and School Summit as safe as possible for attendees. Masks and personal hand sanitizers will be provided to all and handwashing will be encouraged. We have worked with San Diego Convention Center to maximize ventilation and create additional space between guests throughout the meeting.   As community leaders, we all aim to set an example during the event and into the coming winter season by modeling the precautions we are asking of the general public. This includes volunteering to wear a mask when indoors, adhering to hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing and covering a cough, and of course, staying home when sick. With us all doing our part, we will do our best to create a healthy, safe and successful event for all!


For your convenience, Champions for Health will be offering free COVID vaccines and Flu Shots in the Connection Hub during the conference.