Full Name
Dina Weldin
Job Title
Vice President, Group Management Director
Rescue Agency
Speaker Bio
Dina is a marketing and creative writing professional, devoting over a decade of her career to strategic planning, account management and campaign implementation for behavioral health, substances, nutrition & obesity prevention, and policy behavior change programs. She supports local, state and federal governments in connecting with their intended audience through creative, paid media, events, public relations, research, and influencers all with the purpose of inspiring positive social change among today’s youth and adults. Dina serves as a VP, Group Management Director, overseeing Rescue Agency’s behavioral health and nutrition work. Dina has been invited to speak at multiple public health conferences on a variety of topics including nutrition, behavioral health, tobacco control, and behavior change strategy. Dina’s unique experience working in both the commercial and public health space affords her the opportunity to navigate through the unique challenges of today’s behavior change marketing climate and identify creative solutions to help underserved communities connect to equitable messages, information, and services they need most.
Dina Weldin