Finding Help for Behavioral Health Crises: Response Teams and Lifelines for Support
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Piedad Garcia Mark Marvin, PH.D.

Hear how to access help and support in the event of a mental health or substance use-related crisis. Panelists will provide key information on local crisis response resources and review the differences between various response teams. This session will also include key information on San Diego County’s Access & Crisis Line (ACL) and how it interfaces with the national 9-8-8 Lifeline launched in July 2022.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide an overview of new and expanding crisis and diversionary services provided by the County of San Diego to support those experiencing psychiatric emergencies
  2. Share information specifically about 24/7, non-law enforcement teams available to support in the event of a behavioral health crisis (and differentiate between other emergency services that provide higher-level responses)
  3. Review how recently launched crisis and diversionary services intersect with the region’s long-standing Access & Crisis Line, launch of national 988 lifeline, and how they can support behavioral health needs of community members
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San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
United States
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Toolkit Session